Upload Drafts

I ask you to upload your drafts and exercises because it's an easy place for me to find those things if I need them. But I don't use these versions for grading. For grading, I use the paper copy you give me in class.

How to Upload a Draft

1. Name the file: yourlastname.assignmentname.date, (e.g., gabriel.firstshortstory.february15)
2. From the "Upload Drafts" page, click on the assignment name (e.g., First Short Story)
2. Click on "Files" button on the menu at the bottom right of this page
3. Select the File from your hard drive to upload
4. Click "Upload File"

Formal Assignments

First Short Story (due February 16)
Second Short Story (due March 30)
Novel Chapter and Synopsis (due April 27)


Where Stories Come From
1. Research Exercise
2. Ondaatje
3. Homage
4. Postcard

Where To From There
5. Dialogue
6. The Real World Interrupts
7. Revision

Pulling it All Together
8. Experimental
9. Dramatic Monologue
10. Short Short
11. Ars Poetica


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