Upload Drafts And Posts

I ask you to upload your drafts and exercises because it's an easy place for me to find those things if I need them (usually later). But I don't use these versions for grading. For grading, I use the paper copy you give me in class. So, in short, you need to do both in order to get credit.

How to Upload a Draft

1. Name the file: yourlastname.assignmentname.date, (e.g., gabriel.firstshortstory.february15); if you're using a Word file, it must have a .doc extension at the end
2. From the "Upload Drafts" page, click on the assignment name (e.g., First Short Story)
2. Click on "Files" button on the menu at the bottom right of this page
3. Select the File from your hard drive to upload
4. Click "Upload File"

Post Formal Assignments

First Short Story (due February 16)
Second Short Story (due March 30)
Novel Chapter and Synopsis (due April 27)

Post Exercises

Where Stories Come From
1. Show Don't Tell—A Postcard from the Velvet Revolution (an exercise by Rachel Cline) (Upload post here)
2. Seven Vignettes—loosely based on (okay, sort of stolen from) Alice LaPlante’s exercise about Michael Ondaatje’s “Seven or Eight Things I Know About Her”
3. Dilation of Seven Vignettes—choose one of the seven vignettes and expand into a story (500-1000 words)
4. Character—Complex Characters (an exercise by Eric Goodman) (Upload Character exercise)

5. Dramatic Monologue—Dynamic Dialogue: Talking Solo Voice (an exercise by Jewell Parker Rhodes) (upload Talking Solo Voice exercise)
6. Dialogue—Dynamic Dialogue: Dialogue at Odds (an exercise by Jewell Parker Rhodes)(upload Dialogue at Odds exercise)
7. Dialogue—Confusion

Research & Revision
8. How to Name the World: An Exercise in Research (by Bret Anthony Johnston) (upload How to Name the World exercise)
9. The Real World Interrupts

Pulling it All Together
10. The Five Modes (an exercise by Dan Pope) (upload The Five Modes exercise)
11. Extra-literary Forms

Post Formal Assignment Revisions
First Short Story
Second Short Story
Novel Chapter and Synopsis

Post Presentation Authors

Group Discussion Questions

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